Building Information Modeling  has become an important tool for HVAC mechanical design and installation. Pinnacle Piping has invested considerably in the talent and technology required to design, improve productivity, increase ROI, save time, and boost your mechanical system’s investment’s profitability.

What is BIM?

BIM software is a technology where all construction ideas, design documents, functional characteristics, and operational details are stored.

Why Does My Project Need BIM?

HVAC systems account for a significant amount of a building’s energy expenses and are complicated to design, fabricate, install, and manage with traditional processes and tools. Uncoordinated efforts between the various contractors across mechanical and energy systems can lead to multiple challenges in the construction stage.

BIM processes and tools provide powerful competencies and help HVAC contractors to provide innovative and energy-efficient solutions.

Our Services Include

Budgeting, Planning, Conserving

Conceptualizing The Best Outcome For Your Build

  • BIM Pre-fabrication services
  • BIM fabrication integration
  • 3D and 4D BIM models
  • Accurate BIM Drafting Services
  • 4D Construction Planning
  • Fabrication and Pre-fabrication productivity
  • Pre-fabrication spool drawings
  • MEP Construction Services
  • MEP CAD drawings

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